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Puppy Hour 


Our puppy hour involves a structured yet playful session where puppies can socialise, learn, grow in confidence and explore in a safe, secure, environment.


The session is led by a skilled dog aficionado who understands and is qualified in puppy behaviour and development. Our staff have a deep understanding of canine development, and a genuine passion for helping each dog strive to become well-adjusted and confident.


It starts with a brief introduction to ensure all puppies are comfortable and familiar with the space.


Activities are designed to promote positive interactions, such as gentle play and simple confidence building exercises and games that encourage cooperation and sharing.

Basic obedience commands like sit, stay, and come are introduced in a fun and engaging way, often using treats and praise to reinforce good behaviour.

Our qualified staff closely monitor the puppies to prevent any rough play and to address any behavioural issues promptly.

Throughout the session, pet owners can receive guidance and tips on handling and training their puppies at home, as well as receiving 10% of all purchases in our store.

Please note:

  • Puppy Hour is for puppies up to the age of 18 weeks old.

  • All puppies must have completed their full vaccinations before attending.

  • All puppies must be supervised by their owner at all times. (Children to be supervised also).  It is important that all puppy parents are vigilant as to what puppies are up to and interrupt any behaviour that is inappropriate. Pups will be sent for time out if behaviour is excessive.

  • No aggressive behaviour will be tolerated. 

  • Please ensure that your puppy is wearing a collar and ID tag for safety.

  • Please ensure your puppy is fully toileted before entering. Any accidents are the owners full responsibility to clean up immediately.

  • All spaces must be booked online.

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