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About Us


K9-iQ is the ultimate destination for dog owners looking to keep their best friends happy and healthy.

In our dedicated barn, we provide a range of facilities including mental stimulation, safe play, dog training and dog play.


Our facility has many features to encourage your dog to be a dog and ignite their natural instincts.


Perhaps you have a busy digger on your hands... no problem, enjoy a session in our sandpit. Fancy some scent work to really get those minds ticking...? Try scattering some treats in our a ball pit for them to find. That's just for starters!


Discover different textured platforms, Hoopers circuits and a wealth of enrichment games all under one roof! 


Our aim is to keep your pup entertained whatever their needs.

We understand the importance of having a well-exercised, mentally stimulated and most importantly a well balanced, happy dog.

Come join us today to provide your pooch with the best care and have some fun together!

Watch This Space

Be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram page or check back here regularly for our latest events and hot news.

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